How to write a text to several all on the same paperwork and avoiding is back and return by mail or to juggle multiple versions?

Several online tools facilitate the collaborative writing of the same text and open so many uses for edit or write a text with his students or colleagues.

There are several solutions. Here are my four favorites. They are all four, reliable, online and completely free.



Solution of free word processing collaborative by Framasoft people you can’t thank enough to offer free and open alternatives to the Internet community. Framapad is an online text editor to write several. The use is straightforward. To give a name to your “pad” and share the link with the people with whom you want to collaborate. The contributions of each appear in real-time in the document divided by all. Each user to a different color, which allows easy identification of additions each. The shared document is recorded in real time. Once completed, it can be downloaded in Word or Pdf format
link: Framapad



This solution looks a lot like the previous both regarding usage than to ease of adoption by non-expert users. Already former, this tool is an exciting solution used by many teachers in the classroom. I presented it on my site dedicated to the collaborative tools in 2011… TitanPad can be used without even needing to register. Each author has a different color. All versions of a document are saved in real time. The processor is supported
by a system of chat, allowing authors to interact with each other. If you register on the site, TitanPad enables you to record a subdomain that will be used to keep all the collaborative documents class. Interesting.
Link: TitanPad

Google Docs


The text editor in the suite of Google Drive is a must for collaborative work. Google Docs offers all the functions necessary for a collaborative writing exercise. Real-time backup, number of co unlimited authors, track changes, chat and even video conferencing, work mobile… Google Drive allows to store all of your documents and easily share by email if you use Gmail. The solution offered by Google is still less straightforward to implement with students if you do not have the habit of working with the world of the giant Internet search.
Link: Google Docs

Word Online


In the footsteps of Google, Microsoft offers the same functions as its competitor with OneDrive. Microsoft has learned she put his morgue of leader aside and offers a very complete and open work environment. Online tools are effective and real flawless. This solution will interest those who are used to working for many years with the Word processor as the online solution offers the same ergonomics and the same work environment.
Link: Word online

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