Function Listing

evolvEd offers this powerful feature while you are working with a defined language file (such as html, java or perl).

To get a list of all available functions, press Ctrl+Space, then a list-box will appear. Use the arrows to select the function and enter (or tab) to insert it.

Dynamic Template Variables

Here’s a list of dynamic variables you can use within your templates:

Variable What it returns/do Example
$fullfilename Returns the fullpathname of your current file C:\dev\perl\
$date Returns the current date
(using your regional settings)
$time Returns the current time 10:32:12
$filename Returns the name of the current file
$user Returns the name of the current user Jimmy
$startpos Is where the cursor should be after insertion N/A
$program Returns the application name as well as the version evolvEd v1.0