ver 1.10 HOTFIX 3(1.10.0632)

Build :


  • Added houndreds of new keywords for BASH (99.9999% complete)


  • Fixed a language-bug, resulting in evolvEd couldn’t read it’s settings if installed on a German-version (thanks to Ingo Felscher)
  • Adjusted the width of the argument box to view properly

ver 1.10 HOTFIX 2(1.10.0630)

Build :


    • The 625 build was in debug-mode!, resulting in some few funny things, such as the args passed to evolvEd replaced the current clipboard!
    • Fixed some random mispellings
  • Sometimes, evolvEd didn’t highlight the file, even though it was supposed to do it, this is now fixed.. hopefully.. 😉
  • Random issues been fixed

ver 1.10 HOTFIX(1.10.0625)

Build :


  • A new bug in 1.10, open files from the explorer-shell resulted in some very strange behavior
  • Minor issues been fixed
  • Added some new color schemes

ver 1.10 (1.10.0618)

Build :


  • Highlightning of the current argument within a function is now implemented, thanks to Stefan Vaduva
  • Base64/URL Encoding/Decoding : it will now only perform the action on the selected text rather than the whole document, if no text is selected it will perform it on all though
  • You can now add multiple linecomments in the keyword editor by seperating them with a “|” (pipe). Please be aware that you need to “escape” any “:” with “\:”. (If “:” is a line comment as in MS-DOS Batch Script), thanks Aaron Stanbro!
  • File name suggestion will be the name of your root class when saving a new Java file.
  • StreamServe keywords have been seperated into two different languages (Script/Description)
  • Changed the visual display of auto-highlight bracket
  • File Size displays now the size (in bytes) of the current content in the text box rather than the original file size, thanks to Stefan Vaduva


  • Speed improvement on larger files
  • Fixed a bug that occured while opening multiple files with “Send To -> evolvEd” from windows explorer (Thanks to Stig Larsen)
  • Fixed a bug that occured while opening a file as an email attachment (Thanks to Trond Ekaas)
  • The Bold/Italic font-bugs now solved (finaly.. , thanks to Frode Granstad)
  • Fixed a forecolor bug, that resulted in black forecolor on black background while pasting large contents (Thanks to Frode Granstad)

ver 1.9 HOTFIX (1.09.0608)

Build :


  • Addressed the issue that evolvEd sometimes didn’t noticed that a file had been changed while exiting evolvEd

ver 1.9 (1.09.0604)

Build :


  • HTML Color highlightning
  • Word Wrap mode is now available (Format -> Word Wrap)
  • evolvEd will now remember the last HTML Color inserted
  • Added keyword highlightning for Novell Login Script


  • Regular Expressions works now for “Count All” in the Find Dialog
  • Some minor fixes

ver 1.8 (1.08.0603)

Build :


  • New Color Dialog for changing colors
  • Added keyword highlightning for VB Script

ver 1.7 (1.07.0593)

Build :


  • Fixed some bugs regarding the Auto Bracket Matching
  • Spaces instead of tabs will now work
  • Added keyword highlightning for Awk

ver 1.6 (1.06.0591)

Build :

New Features

  • Auto Bracket Matching
  • Added syntax highlightning for a few new languages (COBOL, ColdFusion, LISP and Python)
  • Moved all programming related commands to it’s own top level menu (Syntax)
  • Color Schemes


  • Fixed a bug on opening large files
  • Improved the speed while reading large files
  • Fixed a bug when you changed your settings while several instances of evolvEd was running
  • Fixed a few bugs about highlightning strings and comments
  • A few minor bug fixes

ver 1.5 (1.05.0572)

Build :

New Features

  • You can now Copy/Cut text as Rich Text with Ctrl+Alt+C/X as well


  • Made it possible to change the tab-width without restarting evolvEd
  • Some minor performance issues are resolved

ver 1.4 (1.04.0549)

Build :

New Features

  • You can now choose to copy text to clipboard as RICH TEXT. (Tools -> Options -> Editor -> Check the “Copy Text as Rich Text”). This is very useful when you want to paste code-snippets in a documentation with rich text format like MS Word.
  • You can now select the number of copies you want to print


  • In previous versions, evolvEd didn’t remember the background-color, asuming that it was white(!), this is now fixed!
  • Fixed a bug when “Open Files in new window” was off, evolvEd claimed that this file was allready opened

ver 1.3 (1.03.0546)

Build :


  • You can now print to any installed printer on your system
  • Fixed a bug which occured while restoring default setting-values
  • Change the icons, provided by the Gnome project
  • Change the design of check-boxes into flat style
  • You can now export the text as Rich Text, useful for further editing in WordPad/Word with syntax-highlightning

ver 1.2 (1.02.0545)

Build :

New Features

  • URL Encoding/Decoding (Tools->Encoding/Decoding)
  • Base64 Encoding/Decoding (Tools->Encoding/Decoding)


  • Changed the menu-layout, now l337-conversions are found under Tools->Encoding/Decoding
  • The “Font Bug” is now fixed 🙂
  • You can now open files from the network (a bug which occured in the 1.1 version)
  • Fixed an awkward bug while opening non-associated files with “Drag and drop” from the Windows Explorer
  • A minor fix which I can’t say in understandable english… 🙂

ver 1.1 (1.01.0532)

Build :

  • You can now undo/redo after a save
  • Added keyword-highlightning for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Added keyword-highlightning for BASH script (Bourne-Again SHell)
  • Added prefix for the keywords/functions in the listbox so it’s easier to distinguish
  • Made it possible to open several files in the open-dialog
  • Fixed a bug which occured when several instances of evolved where closed at the same time
  • Some minor fixes in the find and search/replace dialog
  • Fixed the tab-width, it should now work properly
  • Added shortcuts to the keyword editor, the options dialog, explorer and the dos prompt
  • Fixed a bug concerning the compile-function
  • evolvEd will now convert files in 8.3-format (DOS) to it’s full name

ver 1.0 (1.00.0504)

Build :

  • The first official version released!